Menopause(For women to learn more)


Menopause,  is when  you lead up to your last period.  You notice changes such as erratic periods,  pattern of bleeding,  mood swings, sweats and flushes, you simply feel different and out of balance.

The sweats and flushes varies, some women go scarlet,  and,  become drenched.  Others feel horribly warm, but look no different.  Sweats and flushes last for weeks and some don’t have them. An average age for women, to reach the menopause age,  is from 45 to 55 that’s the normal age.

There is no blood test but,  your doctor can do a Follical Stimulating Hormone test, which is the hormone that stimulates the ovary to ovulate.  As you age the level of that hormone rises,  as the ovary gets lazy.  Women seem to follow their pattern in a family, but it is more likely to be  earlier or later.

There is no difference in women,  that have children,  and,  those that don’t have children.

There is no effect on taking the pill for years, even though,  it could be a problem sometimes.

In some ways,  it can be an illness,  to women,  as it is a hormone deficiency time, but, also more medication is used. It is stressful, tiring and is a natural process.

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