How to build your own tractor

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Years ago it wasn’t all that unusual for people to build their own tractors out of old cars and junkyard scrap. Today many might scoff at the idea of building a tractor for home use when there are so many available commercially, but for those who are ambitious and mechanically inclined, building a tractor could be useful when it comes to yard maintenance, more economical then buying one, and it makes for a very interesting conversation piece.

Step One

Be honest with yourself when it comes to your mechanical skill and abilities. If you’re the sort of person who does all of your own car repairs and enjoys building, then you will probably be able to build a small tractor.

A person who needs a step by step guide to change his oil should not be attempting the project at all, leave it to the professionals.

Step Two

There are many free plans to buid your own tractor available on the internet. The term tractor can mean different things to different people however, for some it may be a large piece of machinery while others may think of a riding lawnmower as a type of tractor. There are even some plans for two wheeled push tractors which use small engines, such as a push lawnmower.

I’ve included a list of links to all sorts of home made tractors in the resources section of this article. All of these links take you to free tractor plans with no obligation to buy anything or even give out your email address. Some of the plans may be extremely difficult to use as they were created using car parts that would now be considered antiques.

Step Three

Get a friend to help you as some of the parts you’ll need to move in order to build your tractor are quite heavy. If you’re not a mechanic, then it’s probably a good idea to ask a friend who is to lend a hand. This will help immensely should any unanticipated problems arise. Midget Tractor Junkyard Tractor Small home Tractor Suburban Tractor Farmette Tractor Simple tractor Tractor 15090.pdf Wooden Baby Tractor Two wheel garden tractor


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