Exotic Sikkim

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If you want to be enjoy the exotic views of flora and fauna and be very close to Mother Nature then an few days visit to the western region of Sikkim is what you won’t like missing out. Sikkim is and hilly region in north east of India and is one of the smallest place in India. Most people visit Gangtok and places like Pelling which is the main places of interest in the tourism map but they forget the small romantic villages in the west were everything is purely natural.

I recently visited A place called Daramdin ,sombaria , Ribdi and areas nearby( located in the western part of the state) and was spell bound by the natural and exotic view of the place. Even minute spend in the small villages was eternal bliss and I was so captivated by the natural beauty of the place that I extended by visit for a week instead of 2 days which I had planned.

Flowers and Fauna is wildly cultivate in the region and every variants of flowers could be found there, from rose to orchid(the best I had ever seen) just everything available in the region and the small waterfalls with mountain water gushing down looked breath taking. The place had just few shops and yes the goods are quite expensive but that is understandable because of the height and distance the place is from the nearest market. Fresh vegetables (without preservatives added) are always available and the atmosphere is so clean that you will not like going back to the polluted metro city(Kolkata my home town).

Food quality is very good but vegetarian food isn’t abundantly available and so vegetarians might have some sort of problem adjusting in the region.


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