I See Poptarts!

Okay, I talked about gumps in a previous blog so just to show I am NOT sexually biased I’m now going to talk about a certain type of female. They are referred to as a Poptart.

Poptarts by their very nature are artificially sweetened and colored. They tend to be fake and heartless. Techno is to music what Poptarts are to women. Techno being synthetic music and potarts being synthetics girls. The best example of a poptart that comes to mind is Britney Spears.


As you can see, she is totally fake. She almost looks like a Barbie doll. Peroxi blonde hair, makeup caked on and even her clothing appears somewhat synthetic! It’s not uncommon to see a poptart with fake boobs or hoop earrings too, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

The habitat for a poptart is usually concerts, clubs and bars. You will sometimes see them shopping at places like Forever 21 or Wet Seal. Their favorite reading would probably be 16 Magazine. They tend to not be very technically minded. If you tell them they have a low IQ, they’ll get defensive and tell you to stop insulting their eye sight. Poptarts are usually sort of a shallow and hollow type person. Poptarts are not always into sex and drugs but many are. Poptarts are usually young but occassionally you see old weathered Poptarts. Poptarts walk around with a conceited prissy gaze on their face. They generally look cheap and artificial.

A Poptart does not come across as wholesome or even as something you can take seriously. A smart man would probably never marry one.

The perfect match for the poptart is of course the gump! Please read my previous article on gumps to know what one is.

Miss Teen USA South Caroline is another example of a Poptart. Here’s the link…

So does anyone know anyone like this?

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