Saving Seeds for the Garden

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You don’t have to buy all new seeds from year to year. If you have extra seeds left in the package, keep them. Seeds can last for several years. They may come up slower but they will grow. Just put them in a dry spot. I have a large baggie that I put all my packets of seeds in.

So, don’t be afraid to pick up seed packets when they are on clearance. They will keep for the next growing season.

Another great idea is to save seeds for planting later. It could be from what you have grown in your garden, what you got at a farmer’s market, or even something you got at the grocery store.

Once, I saved seeds from a watermelon I bought at the store. When they grew, they were the sweetest watermelons I have ever had.

You can save all kinds of seeds. In the past I have saved seeds from all sizes of pumpkins, all kinds of peppers, cilantro, and watermelon. I know people that save tomato seeds.

Saving those seeds are super easy. Instead of throwing out the seeds, wash them in plain water and spread out to dry on a paper towel. Leave them for several days, until they are good and dry. Store in a cool, dry spot for your next planting.

Make sure they are really good and dry or they will mold.

The peppers need to be ripe when the seeds are saved. Green peppers won’t work.

You can even pick up acorns from around oak trees and plant those. We have gotten two pin oak trees this way.


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