How to Overcome Addiction – The Blame and Shame Game!

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Without question, partaking in addictive behavior not only causes you pain, but it also inflicts pain on the people around you as well. However, do not allow the previous actions of either yourself or others to chain you to the past and force you to live in fear of the future. The past is the past, it’s over, and living in it doesn’t serve anyone well. Live in the present moment, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, and learn to love yourself. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today, today is a gift!”

It isn’t a big secret that you’re feeling guilt and shame for the pain you’ve inflicted on those closest to you. But, on many occasions the blame and shame runs much deeper than that. In fact, a large percentage of people suffering from addiction blame themselves for their families’ dysfunctional behavior. For instance; “My father physically abused me, but I deserved it!” Or, “my mother verbally abused me and told me I was worthless, but she’s right!” This self-blame not only creates victimization, but it also it provides an excuse for continuing habitual behavior. And, until you are willing to see the truth concerning your family’s dysfunctional behavior and liberate your self from it, nothing in your life will change!

So, if you’ve been blaming yourself, you’re probably questioning right now as to whether you should be punished for your actions. Well guess what, its ok! God doesn’t punish people, we punish ourselves. God is a loving and forgiving being. So if you thought that you would continue to blame and punish yourself before God gets a hold of you, you can stop right now! We do not have defects of character, are not full of shortcomings, and we certainly are not powerless! On the contrary, we are children of God, and he has given us all the power to create the happiness, love, and abundance in our lives that we desire. If you are not comfortable with the term God, you may utilize the term higher power, universe, or higher state of consciousness. Regardless what term you choose, the most important aspect is to unite with your higher consciousness and the source of unconditional love. The truth be told, love really does conquer all! That’s right; there is nothing more powerful than unconditional love. So, you should love your addiction, not hate it! Now I don’t mean that you should love it and continue it! On the contrary, you need to dissolve your habitual behavior. And, while giving thanks for it may seem paradoxical, it’s also a key component to beating it because the more you hate your addiction the stronger it will become! It’s easy to become bitter and angry about the situation, and to use it as an excuse to retreat! And, if you adopt the mindset of an angry, bitter, lifelong, victim of addiction, what will you attract in the future? Let me answer that for you; a whole gaggle of bitter, angry, victims of addiction who use their self-incrimination as an excuse to retreat to the camaraderie of a group! And, if you want to spend the rest of your days in the basement of a church complaining about how screwed up your life is, that’s your prerogative. But, you don’t have to adopt victimization by asking why me. Take the high road and get back up on the horse! Just because you got knocked down doesn’t mean that you can’t sprint to the finish line! Refuse to be the wounded soul and aspire to be the gentle warrior! Embrace the crisis as a spiritual lesson and ask what you can learn from it. Think about it for a moment! Would you be taking the steps to become a stronger, more confident, and loving person who is searching for their life’s purpose if you hadn’t been thrust into this painful drug addiction? Sometimes we have to wade through the mud puddle to get to the rose garden!


David Roppo

The Addiction Freedom Coach

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