The political pirates of the 21st century India

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The political pirates of the 21st century India

brotee mukhopadhyay

They are again at your door. The same people they are. They have sacrificed their comforts for a few days just after the election commission has declared the schedule of the 15th General Election in India.

  • Look at them. They have folded their hands. They have fixed mischievous smiles on their face. Look at their eyes and try to read some cunning liars there. They have been spending a part of their earnings as an investment and if they chance to win they will be in a position to earn many times more.
  • They have been shedding tears for you knowing that you are jobless and that you have little chance to get a job. They are well aware of the fact that you have been retrenched or laid off. They are well aware of the fact that you have been evacuated from the tiny site where a wretched road-side pan-shop was all for the sustenance of the five members of your family.
  • Just years back Kalinganagar of Orissa as well as Nandigramof West Bengal has experienced their brutality. Police of the state and workers of the ruling political party have jointly burnt your houses and slaughtered your friends and family members and have raped the hapless women of your village. Your resistance against building up of the nightmarish Special Economic Zones is now an inspirational part of history.
  • These are political pirates of the twenty first century India. Everywhere in India you will find their private mercenaries who have been used against you when you are raising walls on their way. If you go now to the slums of Mumbai or to those of Hyderabad or to any settlement of the poorer people of India you will notice the activities of the agents of these pirates. They are distributing color television sets and stoves free. They are distributing helping appliances for the handicapped free. They are arranging payment of Indian paper notes worth Rs. 100 to the people for vote. They are promising that they will supply rice at Rs.3/Rs.2/Re.1 for each kilogram if they are voted to power.

Do not touch the bread of bribes. Those breads are stained with the blood of your brothers. Spit on them if you are bold and ignore otherwise.


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