and a few reasons you need to use the site for all searches

Bing there it is! There is a new search engine in town and what a beauty she is. This will redefine how you search for anything online.

Here are some reasons you need to use this search engine and skip the other search engines from this point forward.

1.) This image on the front page is eye candy for those of us stuck at home this summer and dream of some exciting location. Bing’s image will change but in each image, there are hot spots of information. Some of the info is current while some is historical which history buffs will enjoy.

2.) If you are looking for a specific music video and or any type of video this site is great. I hate when I allow a video to load only to find out afterwards that it sucks. Run your mouse over these videos on this new search engine and listen. The videos play automatically so you can see the good stuff and the bombs before you download.

Check out this amazing video on Bing and be amazed. Simply warn your teenagers not to try this at home. It is a high wire video and I found it interesting. If you find the video is not to your liking simply run your mouse over another one to experience it.

3.)  I click on images to do a quick search on Athena. There are over a million photos with that title. Run your mouse over them and the images enlarge, you can see the file size.

4.) I know you are saying to yourself ‘but I use a search engine for information’. Great type in your search term on the front page and be prepared for less results then you would get from the search engine giant. Less results is not a bad thing in this case, the searches are more refined than they are on the other search engines.

  1. 5.) You can also look up locations right from this site using maps. Add in the addresses and you can get driving directions.   Never again will you need to visit that other web site on direction how to get from point A to point B.

6.) For you content writers check out xrank on the site to find out what is or who is popular, within the searches. With up to date info on the hot searches on the internet you can get a jump on the competition.

I encourage you to check out bing which was created by Microsoft.

Now that I have given you the heads up, get over to for all your searches. Did you know some news sites are saying that in the first weeks of existence this search engine has surpassed the visitors who use yahoo as a search engine.


Bing replaces yahoo in search engine visitors

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