Saturday, December 16

Blog carnival-Excellent way to increase web traffic

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Most of the blog carnivals have a separate site for them where a chief organizer will be lining guest bloggers to swarm each edition. Here the author will post the links of the other blogs in his blog. This allows the viewer to read the authors blog and also similar postings on other blogs. This is one way of link baiting.

These blog carnivals will be organized by groups consisting of writers, edition hordes, blog viewers and an audience.  Communities of blog readers, writers, and edition hosts form around specific carnivals. The blog carnivals allow an accumulation of updated posts by the groups on a given topic. Here the host will judge the articles submitted to him and give the link of multiple selected bloggers with a positive review on his blog. This improves the traffic to the selected writer site or blog.

Nowadays these blog carnivals are mostly not organized on the host blog. The term used now is Synchronized Blogging. Here the group of bloggers will post articles on their own blogs. The topic will be the same for everyone which will be decided before one or two days. The blogger should also give links to the other blogs. So, the viewer who pays a visit to that blog will obviously visit the other blogs if he finds the review of blog good.

By submitting your precious articles in these blog carnivals you can even let the other bloggers come to know about your efforts in building the article. By doing this the other bloggers will give more rating for your blog in case they are impressed. The rating increases the traffic to your blog.


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