My Thoughts On Gays & Bi’s

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My Name is Briana Miller,I’m 19
I saw The Tyra Banks Show ‘Is Gay The New Black’ & I don’t think any of the straight people that was on the stage got anything out of the show & I just wanted to share with u some of my thoughts on the Gay & Bi Love & I think it would help people who are against gay love to better understand it & It could help them stop picking on them so much because it was sad to see that man crying because his father tried to beat the gay out of him.
I am straight & I see myself marrying & being with a Man for the rest of my life, but being Gay or Bi isn’t wrong at all no one wakes up & decides that their going to be Gay or Bi it’s just the way that they are & It should just be about them & the person that they feel comfortable,& passionate with,the person that makes them happy & I don’t think nobody has the right to judge them because they think different about it,people are so quick to run to the bible to prove a point but love has no gender,no race or no shape & if a man feels strong & is happy & feels loved with another man then it should be between him & that man & other people need to leave them alone & if a woman feels the same towards another woman then let them be happy & live a happy life & u live urs,no one is telling u who u should be dating & I’m talking to those who are against gay love,Love is Love whether it’s between man & woman,man & man, or Woman & woman it’s love & that’s what it should be about.If a woman feels so strong towards another woman & they want to get married then damn let them get married & be happy it’s about their hearts & not everyone else’s & if u don’t want to see them then look away or close ur eyes. What makes being straight so normal there’s probably just as much gays as there are straight & probably more it’s just that people are scared to come out because so many people show hate toward them because they just don’t understand them,& it’s not about understanding them it should be about equal rights we all are Americans & we should all get equal rights Gay or straight,Black or White,Male or female.just let them be happy with who makes them happy, isn’t that what everyone wants, would u want to be in a relationship with a person & u wasn’t happy but you did it because people said that ur supposed to be with that person?Would u live a sad,depressing life with someone because Society say it’s the right thing to do?how would u feel if u got picked on because ur different & no one understands u? Y’all need to stop putting gays down because y’all putting them in pain & it’s like y’all don’t care these people have feeling & ur hurting them because their different man that shows how ignorant some Americans are,& I feel so strong about this because I know how it feels to be outcast & to be sitting alone I’ve been that way most of my life at school & around my family because I’m quit(because I have a speech problem )I’ve been outcasts at school & by my family because of it & big ups to Ms.Tyra for trying to help the gay community,it shows that she cares & everyone should too.

For some reason people treat being gay or Bi like a disease, people hate & discriminate against them,now I’m not gay or by but I do know about being hated & discriminated against being that I’m African American,In some parts of Texas people look at us like we don’t belong & that’s how the gays are being treated & I just wanted to try & help change the way some people treat them.Even if three people change their views on gays & Bi’s it good with me at lease someone got something out of this,just because they’re in relations with a person of the same sex doesn’t mean that their less human or Americans they deserve to be happy with whom ever makes them happy & it shouldn’t be up to u or me to say who they should be with it’s their life & they’re hearts & if u don’t like it don’t look because you’d be going crazy & depressed if someone told you that you couldn’t be in a relationship with the person who u feel happy,Passionate & loved by.So just let them live their life & be happy & if they want to get married then they should get married & nobody should be able to take that away.Why do y’all care if they get married ur not going spent any money on the wedding so just shut the hell up & let them be happy,& I said this before but Love is Love whether it’s between Man & Woman,Man & Man or Woman & Woman it’s love & that’s what it should be about & we should all have equal right Man or Woman,Black or White,Gay or Straight.I’m talking to those who are against gays & Bi’s & I hope u change u views on them,stop the hating cause we all are Americans we all deserve equal rights & I hope u open ur hearts & let them be happy.


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