Wanna have something sweet? Try homemade truffles

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Wanna have something sweet? Try homemade truffles

Hey guys, I would like to share with you the recipe, which I have learnt at school. That indicates that it is really easy to prepare and you do not have to be a brilliant chief  in order to do it. This is especially good during winter season or when it rains outside.

The ingredients you need:

0,5 l of milk

Sugar (half glass)

Cacao (few spoons)

100 g of butter


also you might need raisins, nuts, coconut cuttings or chocolate cuttings

Boil the milk, and then melt the butter in it. Let them cool a bit. Then pour breadcrumbs, sugar and cacao.  Take a spoon and stir everything till this mass becomes dark brown, sweet and very solid. And here comes the funny part. From all this you will have to make balls (table tennis ball size). If you like, you can put raisins or nuts inside each ball. Afterwards roll each of it in the left breadcrumbs and leave in the fridge for two or three hours. That is all. It is tasty and simple. Bon appetit!

P.s. instead of breadcrumbs you can use minced cookies for example. Also you can roll truffles in coconut or chocolate cuttings. Just use your fantasy. Also you can invite your family or friends to help you and have fun while preparing. If you have children let them be your assistants. Especially in this making balls part.  They will be really excited and happy to join you! Well, just you might have some kitchen cleaning after preparation…


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