How to get out of an abusive relationship

If you’re in an abusive relationship, the only way to get over it is to move out. You can’t help the person because they won’t change for you. People with abusive problems only change when they hit rock bottom. This is why you must move out and move on with your life. You have to make a

preparation list so that you can move out with all of the things that you need. One of the most important steps is to save money so that you can have money to spend while you’re living on your own.

You can survive on the street if you save money. It’s hard to move out when you don’t have any money. How can you survive? What will you eat? You should save money or get a credit card while you’re out on your own.
You can gather all of your belongings so that you can have everything together when you’re ready to move out. You should get your keys, clothing, personal documents, identity cards, and anything that is important to you together in one place. You should put it all in one large case. When it’s time to leave you can take the case and leave. You should hide it and don’t do it in front of the abuser.

You can plan a time to leave when he’s not home. It’s not a good idea to leave when he’s at home. If he’s home, you can call the police over to help escort you out. You can file for protection with the police department. You can also file for a restraint order.

If you have family, you can call them out for help. Your brother or sister can help you move things or they can pick you up. You can leave faster with a car. You should have your car ready with gas and everything else in it.

You can have 911 on speed dial so you can call for help if you need help. You should tell them the name of the person and their car type so they will know who to look out for.

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