Online dating: what to avoid putting online

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Nowadays, online dating is the mainstream method of finding people. People go online instead of going to the local club. What can you do to make your profile better? There’re some profiles that would not help you get a date at all. I’ve seen profiles with no photos. How would you expect someone to email you if you have no photos. They don’t know if you’re real or not. They want to see how you look like. There’re some photos that are way too casual. It looks like the guy just woke up from bed. This will not get you a date. If you’re going to have a profile, you should have a nice photo along with it.

The first thing that you can do is to get a good picture of yourself and the rest will do. People are not that interested in reading your profile unless there’s a hot photo with it. If you have a nice photo, you can score a date pretty quickly.

The second thing that you should do is to avoid putting anything about your negative habits on there like you just love to drink or smoke. People don’t really want to date people with a lot of drinking or smoking problems. If you’re unemployed, you shouldn’t put that on there either. You shouldn’t write any stories about your last date or girlfriend.I have seen some of those and they will turn people off. You should not put photo of yourself and your girlfriends or your kids in there either. No one wants to date a full house of people, they just want to see your best photo. Your photo should be clean and nice. You should be wearing nice clothing too. You should avoid photos that show off your tattoos or too much skin. You should avoid photos with people in it because they can be confused. You should avoid photos of you partying. It doesn’t make a good impression.


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