Dating tips: how to impress your date

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When you go on a date, you want to impress your date as much as possible if you want a second date. You want to make them happy so they’ll come back. You want to sweep them off of their feet. How do you impress your date?

You should always dress up. Women and men both love it when their dates dress up. You should look your best. For men, you can wear a nice pair of slacks with a nice dress shirt. You should shave and wear cologne and deodorant. You should also brush your teeth. For women ,you should wear a nice dress or skirt and top. You should wear perfume and brush your teeth. You should always take a shower before hand too so that you’ll look great.

You should wear new clothing with clean shoes. You can always bring flowers if you’re a man. Women love little surprises on the first date. This is how you hook them. One time my date took me to a nice dinner and then bought me a nice cute little gift in a store. I thought that was the sweetest thing that I’ve gotten before. It was so thoughtful. You should take them somewhere nice. You should treat them nice even if you don’t like them. You can still be friends afterward. It’s rude to yell or criticize your date. I’ve had dates that yell or call me names. Of course, I never call them again. If you make a lot of mistakes, your date might never call you again. The first impression is everything so you have to make it a good one.


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