Parenting: raising your children with religion

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Is it important to raise your children with a religion? It’s important because children need a place that they can confine in later on in life. A church is a great place for children to make friends, and learn about the creator of the world. It gives them a

foundation for the rest of their lives. When they grow up, they will know where to go if they have spiritual troubles. We are all spiritual beings and we will run into problems.

Rather than having your kids drink days and night to forget about their problems, they can confine in God and pass their problems on to God. At least, they will know that there’s someone out there that they can pray to. Religion is faith and we can’t say that God is here for sure but it’s a faith. There’s counseling available at the Church whenever they run into problems. It’s a great place for them to network and get help for personal problems.

It gives their soul something to rely on. They will learn about the bible and the many different stories that can be related to life. At least the church will help them learn how to deal with mental or spiritual conflicts. It’s better than having them turning to alcohol or drugs for help. When your children are young, you can expose them to religion by bringing them to Church and have them see what is in front of them. They will get use to it and they will go to Church when they turn into an adult. A church is a peaceful place that anyone would find comforting.


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