How to get ideas for writing books

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How do you get ideas to write books? For a starter, you can write about your life and what goes on around you. You can write about the Iraq war or the recession. Anything that is interesting around you, you can write it. For example, if you have a really mean

boss, you can write about it. Remember the story, the Devil wears Prada, it was from a real employee writing about how much she hates her employer. The employer was really mean to her. The employer was an editor for a magazine. This was made into a movie and a lot of people really like the movie. There’re also a lot of other stories that was written from personal experiences.

How about The Diary of Anne Frank? It was one of the most popular books ever and I think it’s the most sold in store. It was a diary from her during the Holocaust experience. If you were near a war or near a major event, you can write about it. Anything that is interesting to you, you can write it.

If you don’t have personal experiences, you can get ideas from people around you. What if your brother had bipolar and it ruin everyone’s life? You can put that in a book and people would read about it. If you run out of ideas, you can imagine it. You can write fantasy books. People love monsters and magic too. You should carry a journal around and write down ideas as they came to your mind or else you would lose it. J.K Rowling had her ideas when she was riding on a bus. She took that idea and made herself a lot of money. You can do it too.


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