How to manage your time

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Time is money. You need to manage your time effectively so you’ll be able to have more time to do other things in life. There’re people that spends all day in front of their TV. How can you get anything done if you sit in front of your TV all day long?

Each day you can take out a journal and write down your plans for the day and for the week as well as for the month. This will keep you in top shape. You won’t waste time once you have a schedule on hand. You should make daily schedule, weekly schedule, and monthly schedule. You can buy a new planner once the old one is full. At the end of the month, you should sit down and assess to you how you have progress in your time management. You can save more time if you can see how much time you have wasted on other frivolous things. Once you have a schedule, you’ll know when you have free time and when you can devote your free time to things you’ve been wanting to do.

For example:

Monday schedule

8am- going to work

9am- at work

12pm – lunch

5pm- going home

6pm – go to the gym

7pm- eat dinner

8pm- read the news and email

9pm- going out with friends

12pm- sleep


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