Dating tips: how to impress a woman

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How do you impress a woman? For a beginner, women love a man with manner. They love a gentleman. They like someone who would open the door for them and pay for dinner. If you want to impress a woman, you can be a gentleman and they will love you. Women love men with manners. They don’t like men with an attitude. What if you ask her to pay for dinner? I’m sure she will never call you again.

There’re things that you can do to make the women like you more. If you’re careful with the way you represent yourself than she will like you more. Women are picky creatures. They pay attention to every little details. You have to try to please them. There are some golden rules that you should know. One thing that a man should never do is to call her names or be rude. Women are not into rude men. She won’t call you for a second date. She might think that you’re abusive.

Going on a date is like going on a job interview. You have to act right or else she won’t call you back. You wouldn’t show up on a job interview wearing a pair of shorts and an old T-shirt. The same goes with date. you wouldn’t go to a job interview and call your interviewer names. You wouldn’t call your dates names either. Would you act obnoxious on a job interview? You wouldn’t so why would you do that on a date. Women like to be pampered. They’re are women and they want to be treated like one. You should always treat a lady like she’s a lady and nothing less.


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