Dating tips: the right moves and the wrong moves

How do you get a girl to like you more? Women are not that hard to please. You just have to know how to do the right thing. Do you try to do the right things? You can get a woman to dislike you if you do the wrong things. There’re many men that do the wrong things on a date and they

wonder why we don’t call them again. When you go on a date, it’s like going on a job interview. You have read many job interview techniques and you try to avoid them and this is the same with a date. Do you know what those wrong things are?

What are the right things? You dress up nice on the first date and brings her a small gift. You open the car door for her and pay for the day. You should not stare at other women and talk nicely to her. You would drive her home without making too much moves. You will call after she goes home and say good night. You would call again the next day to say hi to her. If you don’t call, she might think that you’re not interested even if you like her. If you do all the right thing, she might ask you out for a second date. You can turn off a woman if you do the wrong things.

What are the wrong moves? You don’t dress up for the date. You don’t bring her flowers. You don’t open the door for her. You don’t pay for the date. You stare at other women. You are rude to her. You try to make physical moves too fast. You don’t walk her to her door. You don’t call her after the date. You shouldn’t do too many of these things or else she might never call you again.

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