Articles online about people dating HIV positive people

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I have read stories where people would say that they have dated people with HIV. I thought that it was scary to read those posts. I hope that they didn’t share too much with those people. They went on to say that those people passed away. Would it frighten you if your date has HIV? I

would be very frightened by it. I wouldn’t want to date anyone with HIV. The writers said that those people did not reveal that they have Aids. Your dates might not reveal to you that they have Aids. This is scary. This is why you need to look out for signs of Aids. You can’t tell unless they have Aids in the later stages.

I would see articles online about dating someone with HIV. Did you know that some HIV patients are supposed to be on their own or in some special places because the CDC doesn’t want them to spread their diseases? There’re people that are wandering around not knowing that they have HIV. Whenever they seek treatment, the doctor is required to report the disease to the CDC and sometimes they would remove the patients from the public if it’s necessary.

It scares me to think that there are people who are willing to date someone with HIV. I think it’s great to help them out and do things for them when they’re sick but it’s not wise to get physically intimate with them since you can catch the virus too. You can catch it if something broke or if they have blood in their teeth. Did you know that people have bleeding gum all the time? What happens when you brush your teeth? You would see blood coming out sometimes. Well, in an HIV person, there’re some HIV viruses in those small drops of blood. You have to be careful and it’s too much to date an HIV positive person. Do you really know what you’re getting into?


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