The Best Beaches in California

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California is just like Hawaii. The weather is fantastic and you’ll have a great time surfing in the sun. People in California are hot and you can meet a lot of people here. What are the best beaches in California? There’re so many beaches along the coast o

Travel: The Best Beaches in California

California. You can go surfing at Huntington Beach or Santa Monica Beach. These are the best beaches for surfing but not swimming. The waves are too high for swimming.

If you want to go swimming, you can swim at Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel because the water is very shallow and there’re not that many waves. The waves are low and manageable. The neighborhood here is very upscale. They are wealthy and the water is clean. If you love a clean environment then this is the place for you.

Santa Monica beach is a place that you can run into celebrities. They film out there sometimes too. The pier is one of the best in Orange County. They have rides, shops, artists, entertainers and many more. Santa Monica beach is great for surfing. The waves are high. There’re many tourists at this beach during the weekend. This is in Los Angeles.

Malibu beach is very beautiful. It’s one of the most upscale beach in California. Many celebrities live here. The beach is right next to the freeway and this is why it’s romantic. You can stop by and put your hands in the water. It’s very clean here. This is the place for a great date. It’s very romantic here.


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