Las Vegas career: The place for models

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Las Vegas is a place for models since they hire a lot of models here. Models get pay pretty good around here. You have to look like a model in order to get hire for some of Vegas’s hot spot like the night club or upscale bars. Models here can do hosting or marketing. They can also do cocktails or be a bartender. They can get pay anywhere from $300-$600 a day, depending on their tips. The down side is that they only get minimum wage and the rest is from tips.

There’re also plenty of other shows that have opening for models. This is the state for models. If you’re a model, you won’t have a problem finding work here. You have to work with a lot of people. It can be fun but tough too with a lot of guests. They can hit on you which is not fun sometimes but if you’re hot you might land a celebrity. Michael Phelp recently dated a cocktail waitress from the Palms in Vegas.

If you’re a model and you’re looking for work, then there’re plenty of work here in Vegas. If you happen to come here, you can check out the openings and see what the model does here. They also have a lot of entertainment openings for models. They usually hire models to do club promotions and host at the pool. What do you need to start working? You will need your head shots and your health and TAM cards. You will also need a Sheriff’s gambling card too. Each of these cards cost around $100. You have to sign up for a mini class to get it.


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