Travel: about the police in Las Vegas

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If you’re traveling to a new location, you want to know about the police  there because you don’t want to get caught. How are the police in Vegas? They’re all here. There’re plenty of police  in Vegas but they’re out of t

Travel: About the Police in Las Vegas

strip area most of the time. This is good for you. You will not be confronted by police unless it’s an in house police. I think that the strip pays them to stay away from the area. I rarely ever see police driving around the strip unless there’s an accident or something like that. I have seen police in other places but they don’t really look at you that much like some other states. They just go on with their business which is great. Las Vegas is different than any other state.

You will see some police driving around the strip but they don’t bother the visitors unless you call for them. They’re easy going here in Vegas. Remember, this is Sin City. They’re not hustling you like California. In California, it’s really bad.

If you want to stay away from police attention, you just need to stay around the strip and don’t wander off. The security inside the casino is very strict. You have to know this. They monitor you all the time. They will get to you if they see an eye closed. They won’t let you sleep in the casino. It’s really hard to do anything out of order inside the casino. Well, at least you know that the police are off from the strip.


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