Las Vegas: how to save money with hotels

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When you’re in Vegas, it could be expensive. The hotel here cost around $150 a night. The food are expensive and the drinks are expensive if you have to buy it. You need to save so you can have a good trip. There’re hotels that are cheaper than other hotels. One of the lowest price hotel here is The Terrible. The Terrible cost about $20 a night on non-holiday season. You should look for low price hotels. You can walk to the famous casino after you have been to the low price hotel.

You can save a lot of money if you’re staying here for a long time. Other low price hotels are the New Orleans, The Terrible, The Tropicana, Red Rock, Palace Station, Texas, Bills and many more. You can also try downtown if you’ll be staying for long. The downtown casinos are lower in price because they’re smaller. Everything is lower in price in downtown. You can walk or drive to the strip from down town. It’s about 15 minutes away.

You can save more money by bringing snacks so you don’t have to buy every single item. It can be costly to buy a $10 water bottle and especially if you have to buy it for a lot of people. Little things will count. You should not go into a show room until you know the price. They could charge you very high.


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