Travel to Vegas: hold off on that strip dance

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When you’re in Vegas, you’ll be tempted to try the strip bar but be careful of the price and they’re overly aggressive. They literally will take your hand and walk you to a private dance room. They will charge you before the dance begin. Are you OK with that?

Not all strip bars are that aggressive and some only requires that you buy a drink. You have to read the reviews of the places that you’ll go into. If you go to a place that have private rooms, you shouldn’t go in unless you want to pay $800 for thirty minutes. The private room is very costly. You can pay a lot for thirty minutes. I wouldn’t go in there unless you have money to throw away. The charge is mandatory and you can’t leave without paying.

One expensive place is called the CAN CAN room. It’s expensive there and they’re very aggressive. We heard that the owner live in his office. They will charge you $10 for a bottle of water. They will ask you quietly if you want to go into the private room but after that the charge will be very high. What is in the private room? There’s an empty bed. Sometimes the dancer would perform with the guests which is very controversial if you’re married or have a girlfriend. You have to read reviews before you go into those strip bars. You can walk out very unhappy.


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