10 Natural Skin Care Tips

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  1. Lemon: Slice some lemon, then rub the lemon over your face and let the juice sit on your face for about a half hour. The rinse with cold water. This helps to refresh the face, but a word of warning: lemon juice can dry out the face some, especially if you have dry skin.
  2. Honey: Add a cup of slightly warmed honey to your bath water. This helps the skin to be soft and smooth. If you are just wanting to wash your face, add a quarter of a cup of warm honey into a bowl or sink of warm water. You can heat the honey on the stove or in a microwave, but be careful, don’t let the honey get too hot because it will burn.
  3. Peanut Oil: Many have found peanut oil to be great for fighting those wrinkles. Apply a little in those troublesome spots, including around the eyes and on the throat. Let sit for 15 minutes, then wipe away.
  4. Apples:For combating oily skin, try this out. Cut an apple into very thin slices. Then rub the slices onto the oily areas. Let sit for a few minutes. Wipe clean. Repeat this every few days if you feel it’s necessary.
  5. Cauliflower juice: This product might be difficult to find, but call around to some of your local specialty grocery stores or health food stores. What does it do? It removes warts. That’s right. Just apply regularly to your warts, and they should be taken care of in a week or maybe less.
  6. Carrot juice: Worried about those blemishes? Worry no longer. Apply some carrot juice at least once a day and you should see those blemishes begin to fade in a week or two, though sometimes it can take longer if it is a dark or deep blemish.
  7. Shallots: Onions in general are good for getting rid of acne. The best way to use the shallots is first to skin and clean them. Then mince the shallots in a blender while mixing in cold water; stop adding the water once a thick paste has been formed. Now use a muslin cloth to squeeze out the shallot’s juice. Save the juice in your refrigerator, at least for a couple of hours before using. Then apply it to your face and leave it on for about ten minutes at least once a day. You should be able to see improvements in at least a couple of weeks.
  8. Cucumber: Cucumbers have lots of water in them, thus they are great for reducing swelling around eyes and for helping with dry skin. Cut a couple of slices of cucumber and lay back with the slices on your eyes for a half hour to help fight those wrinkles and swelling. Or smear the slices on an area of dry skin, let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes, then wipe away.
  9. Eggs: Crack a couple of eggs into a bowl. Mix until the yellows and white are mixed together. Then massage the raw eggs onto your face and let sit for 15 minutes. It sounds like a mess, but it does wonders for fighting aging and tired skin by adding protein.
  10. Olive oil: Olive oil is great for dry skin on your hands, and it’s good for your nails, too. Rub in all those little crevices around the fingers, including in and around the cuticles. Then wipe dry. Especially helpful after you’ve been cooking over a hot stove, which can dry the hands out.

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