Five Horror Novelists You (Probably) Haven’t Heard of … Yet

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Ty Schwamberger

This author’s first novel, Night School, came out in November 2008, and he’s still busy writing short stories and is at work on other writing projects. Night School begins with a teacher going missing in a small town. A friend of the teacher and one of the teacher’s students begin to play detective in hopes of finding the teacher, but the situation turns even darker. Mutilated bodies are showing up all over town. Is there a maniac on the loose? Or something much darker.


David Wellington

Wellington has a growing list of novels, but he’s probably best known for his vampire books, a few of which are 99 Coffins, Vampire 0 and 23 Hours. One of the fun things about this author’s novels is that his vampires are bad guys. That’s right, no aristocratic nice-guy vampires or teen vampires that make the girls’ hearts beat faster. Nope, Wellington’s vampires are mean and lean, and they don’t go down without a major fight.


Lavie Tidhar

Lavie Tidhar grew up in Israel and has lived in several other places throughout the world. So far he has three books available, The Tel Aviv Dossier, Hebrew Punk and An Occupation of Angels. Tidhar’s short stories have appeared in several anthologies and in multiple magazines and online venues. The writing here is solid. Some of the best new horror available.


Maurice Broaddus

Mr. Broaddus is probably one of the more popular of a growing trend of Christian horror authors. His short stories have appeared in many top anthologies, such as Orgy of Souls and Whispers in the Night, and in a goodly number of top magazines, such as Weird Tales and the Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest. His book Devil’s Marionette is coming out soon from Shroud Publishing.


Jeff Lindsay

Lindsay is probably the best known of the authors listed here. His likable serial-killer Dexter has his own television program on Showtime called, quite appropriately, Dexter. And how could you call a serial killer likable? Charming? Even kind of goofy? For one thing, Dexter only kills other serial killers and really bad people. Usually, anyway. To know more you just have to read the books, which so far are Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted Dexter and Dexter in the Dark.



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