Visually Study The Book of Mormon

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For visual learners studying scriptures and the Book of Mormon can be difficult, most find themselves losing track of who is saying what mid verse and needing to restart verses or even whole chapters it can be quite frustrating. There are several steps you can take to help us Mormons and everyone else but mostly Latter Day Saints.

Most visual learners find it very helpful to mark their scriptures in a way that identifies who is saying what. Colors are used for each person who speaks. Start by assigning colors to each person. As you read Underline the text with the color of the person talking. If any word refers to that person highlight that word in that persons color. Do this for several verses or a chapter, then go back and reread it and see the difference it makes.

This can be very time consuming and hard on your hands to highlight the whole book this way. Luckily a copy of the Book of Mormon has already been highlighted this way. If you you would like to have the whole book already done this way and get more out of your studies you can get the book at

highlighting in this manor for extended periods of time can cause your hands to cramp up. When they start feeling tired or painful give them a few hours of rest and stretch them out. Obviously getting a book that is already colored this way is a big help and will save you the time and stress doing it yourself. It is recommended that you check out


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