FAITH without works is dead

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Prayer has long been the means of communication with our God–short brief prayers and long eloquent jaw-dropping masterpieces.  Which is right?  They both are–I believe that GOD wants to have a relationship with us.  In order to be tight with God you have to hang out with Him.  It’s hard to rely on a God when you don’t TRUST Him and the only way for trust to build is to hang out with Him.  How magnificent a God do we have that He would care to know all about you?  God loves all of His children and is interested in every tiny aspect of our lives.  Someone once said if the only time you cry out to God is when you are in crisis then GOD who wants to have a relationship with his children so badly will keep them in crisis just so they turn to Him.  The world is an extremely crazy place and the best way the human race has come to cope up with uncertainties and unpredictable circumstances is to coimmunicate with the One that created us.  God has such good things in store for every one of His children and wants to bless you as a father blesses his own children.  In the book of Matthew the seventh chapter and the 11th verse it is written in the Word of God that If you then, being evil, know how to givegood gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven givegoodthings to those who ask Him! NKJV.  Asking in the right way for the right reasons allows us to gain access to our Father’s good blessings.  Do we then ask and wait for them to come to us without any work on our part whatsoever?  No, if you aren’t in the right place to receive those blessings you will miss them.  God may have a great opportunity for a new job or a networking connection that is around the corner but if you don’t get up and go around the corner–it usually doesn’t come to you.  Faith when mixed with action generates miracles. If you are not acknowledging your need how can God fill it.  I have always been told to sow into another’s needs is to speed up your blessings.  Prayer and meditation prepares the blessings for you but without action on your part–sometimes it whistles right on by.  God loves us and wants what is best for us always.  Sometimes it may seem that the worst storm we face will destroy us but the truth is the storm will pass and the skies will clear.  Once you go through the storms then you get to see why they were necessary for you to be stretched and grown.  Growth can be painful but staying stagnant is not healthy either.  Our faith is the only way to generate energy to bring about God’s healing and prosperity.  God is moved by our faith and actions together otherwise His hands appear to be tied.  I believe that has to do with not interfering with Man’s free will.  In The Word of God it also says this:  “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” that is Matthew 18 Verse 20–this is where the real power is manifested.  That third invisible being or presence, the Holy Spirit is gathered among the two or three that are of one purpose.  That is how God returns answer to our prayers to motivate us to keep moving and have Faith that the steps we take will bring us right where we need to be to receive blessings.  Never think that your prayers are in vain for even if God answers “No” to them though it may not be the answer you like it is an answer.  The trick is to know that no matter what the answer is to your prayer God has your back.  He is stopping you from receiving something when you are not yet ready for it.  Always remember that God has your best interest at heart always and He loves you enough to keep you from getting hurt.  God’s love is so immense and so complete that He will change your life from the inside out so you can receive everything that God has to offer for your life.  When times get tough and it feels like the whole world is coming down on top of you that’s when you will feel the embrace of God’s love.the most—for He is the one who carries us through when we feel so very alone–His love is boundless, withhout height, nor width,  nor depth–it is so vastly immense that He can love the entire world all at once.  So never cease to pray and never cease to Praise your heavenly Father and honor Him by going out and doing what He would do.  Love your God and love everyone around you irregardles of how they treat you.  Jesus is alive and well; living within each one of us who believes. We prove that on a daily basis by just loving people and treating them the way God treats us.  There is no need to judge others because there is only one that is capable of judging others.  By being more “Christ”-like than “CHRISTIAN” we are able to show mercy, compassion, favor, and forgiveness as the one who forgave you.  Your life may have been messed up but Jesus met you where you were and saved you.  Always remember that GOD chose you for this time and this moment to love one another without question.  May GOD bless you in all that you do,


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