Why I Gave Up On Clickbank

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I used to be keen promoter of anything CLICKBANK but over the last couple of years I noticed a frustrating trend…

As more and more webmasters joined and promoted CB, it seemed that one of two things happened during my own campaigns:

1. More and more often a visitor viewing a CB product after clicking on a link at my site, with intention of purchasing, would often join the CB affiliate program and then purchase via their OWN link, so as to reap the upwards of 75% commission!

2. A visitor to my site(s) these days, would in many cases already BE a CB affiliate and as such if they intended to purchase the item, would just change my ID for theirs, then make the purchase.

Now it’s no skin off ClickBank or the merchants noses, as they WIN either way!

I’ve recently communicated with a couple of EX-ClickBank merchants, who have now changed over to their own affiliate software, and they fully agreed with my comments and they advised that they mainly made the change so as to properly reward and RETAIN affiliates.

Of course for new merchants wishing to promote their programs, CB’s a free and easy alternative, but to me it’s made little progress over the years, where it could have introduced a 2 Tier affiliate program by now.

My point is that for hard working webmasters who may be doing a lot of promotion, it’s probably time to ditch CB and look for the better 2 Tier affiliate programs out there, so that you might at least get some reward for your efforts.

To add to my loss of interest in ClickBank, they’ve not sent me my outstanding commission check due some months back, and have not replied to any email sent to them enquiring at to WHY.

I strongly suggest that savvy webmasters begin culling their ClickBank links in favor of merchants with the finances to fund their own affiliate software, especially if it’s 2-tier, as it also increases the odds that the merchant is SERIOUS about his business, and intends to stick around.


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