facebook mobsters free train, hints, cheats, tips and more

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Facebook mobsters is a new addicting game. I am serious it is the MMORPG game that was on myspace but here it is better. Would you like to jump on a free train? Do you want hints, tips or other strategy to play the game? Join me in the game facebook mobsters and let us have fun.

In this game, you can become a virtual facebook mobsters which is cool. Come one at some point we have all watched a gangster movie and thought at least the amount of money they brought in was cool. Here is your chance to live the dream even if it is only virtually.

You can become a mobster who gets energy, money or heals quicker in both games but in this version, you can also become a fourth type of mob ruler who is a combo of all three of the others.

In this game, you need to add more members to your mob. How are you going to do that?

You can ask family and friends to join your mob on facebook mobsters. Alternatively, you can add your name below in the comments section. By adding your name, you jump on the mobsters train and others will add you. Take a name from below or even twenty and add them to your own game to increase your mob.

Purchase only enough equipment to do your missions, and toss the excess money into purchasing property. Purchasing property is the way to succeed in the game facebook mobsters, for without it you will not go too far. Having a good cash flow will get you through the game but you also need to always be adding others.

It is easy to climb the first few levels of the facebook mobsters game with no one else in the gang, but after that, you need a few people to help you to complete the missions. I would seriously recommend having at least six more people in the mob before you hit level ten.

Banking cash is good, you need to keep it safe but purchase any properties you can before you deposit the cash. It is always a good idea to make sure you have purchased enough equipment to play the missions, but do not purchase the best equipment to fight with.

In this version of facebook mobsters you also need to use those skill points wisely. I save them until I level up twice and have six points. In the early levels, I toss them all on energy until I am at least 25 and then I change it out. I toss 2 points on each defense, attack, and energy.

Do not forget to jump on the free train by leaving your url in the comment section. Add me to your facebook mobsters mob today here at this link.


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