Organic Groov

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Organic Groov music is organic, which in musical terms means original, fresh, raw and unadulterated music produced in front of live audiences. Management at Organic Groov is sure that once listeners are familiar with ‘live’ vs. ‘processed’ music, their musical tastes will change to ‘organic’ music produced live and unprocessed by studio mastering. Now it’s time to get your “groove” on. Some of the best Smooth Jazz and Neo-Soul Chicago has to offer is at your finger-tips, brought to you live via Chicago’s hottest, and only, Smooth Jazz nightclub — CloseUp 2. CloseUp 2 offers live Smooth Jazz four nights a week, but lucky for you, the cool-livin’ players over at DigitalFuntown are breaking you off a piece weekly, in eye-popping High Definition. Best of all, it’s free. Tune in for the set, stay for the Artist Interview. Broaden your musical horizons and expand your mind, but most importantly relax, and chill on this Organic Groov.

Art of any kind can be a tough sell, especially when everyone is pinching pennies just a little. Despite this predicament, however, great indie music has never had a hard time flourishing. There is always a market for music, and maybe even more so when times are rough. Hard times bring out creativity in artists, and passion in listeners in a way that simpler eras just can’t inspire. Possibly no genre of music is affected more by a rough economy than Indie Jazz. There is no greater salve for the troubles soul than a soulful, warm jazz groove. Studies have shown that in times of national stress, popular music tastes invariably trend toward the subtle complexity of genres like Neo Soul, Jazz, and artful funk. During times like these, creativity, and the ability to inspire are the most sought after talents in entertainment. So Indie Jazz and Neo Soul artists, who will always have it hard, at least get a little break during times like these. Not only do people want desperately to hear their music, but marketing has never been an easier prospect. In this incredibly connected world of YouTube, video blogs, and video media websites are all over the web. Sites like serve as a perfect link between artists who want to promote themselves in local areas like Chicago, and listeners all over the country who want a chance to sample new music. Online video sites also serve the unique purpose of bringing people to music that would ordinarily never have a chance to encounter it. A web savvy surfer can watch a small show in Denver that was filmed in DC. Artists can expand their fan base far beyond their comfortable tour locations. Everyone wins in the arrangement, and music has a chance to grow because of it. Perhaps that’s why it’s no surprise then, that more and more genres of music are fusing together to form new styles. Neo Soul and Indie Jazz are forged together out of classical Jazz popular in the 40’s and 50’s, mixed with infusions of easy listening, pop, and R&B. There could be no healthier progression of music than this hybrid of styles melting together, and there is probably no better place for it than the internet. There are no nationalities online, and no borders. Artists in the US can collaborate freely with those in the UK, or in Asia. The internet is a melting pot like one never before experienced. In places like Chicago, there is a huge diversity of people, and the artists there are an equally diverse group of entertainers. However, with the advent of the internet, and social networking sites like Myspace and Digitalfuntown, artists can take their music anywhere in the world, and fans can tune in from just as broad a region. Online, ideas and styles can mix, and change to ultimately form the next evolution of modern music.


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