How to Make Money with Clickbank

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Clickbank has become the world’s number one online affiliate marketing stop-point and you cannot talk about affiliate marketing without talking about clickbank. Most of the online products sold are sold through clickbank and much more. Not only is clickbank a good place to make money but it’s a place where both buyers and sellers both go home happy. Having a wide range of products ranging from health and fitness to home needs to sports needs and anything at all you can imagine, it is a place you might wanna go whether you wanna shop or you wanna make some extra bucks.

There are two kinds of people who make money on Clickbank.
1. The Publisher or Vendor
2. The Promoter or the Affiliate Marketer.

The Publisher makes money by presenting a product to the affiliate marketers to help sell on their own websites. The commission is already determined so an affiliate marketer can chose which one pays him/her more. The Affiliate marketer helps the Publisher to sell his goods and he goes home with the commission he is given.

Now, there is no shady deal here, Clickbank serves as the middle man between the Vendor and the Promoter such that as a sale is being made, the money goes through clickbank who shares the money between the two of them as it ought to be. So you will get exactly what you ought to get and not be swindled so relax. Its not one of those shady businesses.

Identify a niche market. Search the Clickbank marketplace to see what categories are available. Tailor your product to fit categories that are not already filled with similar items.
Write an ebook, create software or put together a report that will sell. Make sure it has a fresh angle that will make it different from any similar products.
Register for a seller’s account with Clickbank. Pay the startup fee and have your account confirmed.

Create a mini-site to advertise your product. Write a sales letter that accurately describes the product and what it can do for the buyer. Use highly-searched keywords in order to get search engine traffic to your page.

Submit your page and your egood to Clickbank for approval. Take the Clickbank payment links provided to you from the site and put them onto the sales letter.
Choose a price for your item. Choose a percentage of each sale that will go to anyone who sells the item on your behalf.
Find new ways to market your item. Post information about it in forums and on related websites.

Step 1.
Navigate to and create an account as an advertiser. Go to market place and locate the desired product to promote or advertise. Always look for products that offer no less that $30.

Step 2.
Visit the pitch page to check the credibility of the Publisher. A good pitch page stands a chance of making more sales than a shabby one. If you think the pitch page is catchy, then create a hoplink and mask the hoplink. You can mask a hoplink by registering a domain name in godaddy and masking the hoplink to a desired and better name. e.g. if I am marketing a health product, I should register a domain name like, and mask the hoplink such that when someone goes to, he lands at the publisher’s sales page where you want to sell the product.

Step 3.
Then try and market your site i.e and drive traffic to the site by using press releases and review sites. You can also visit yahoo answers to answer questions while you put your site’s link.

With all these, you should be on your way to making money.

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