Life is a gift

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Once, there was a fisherman who lived in a small village close to a big river, where he used to fish every morning.

As usual he went to the river one day, very early in the morning, much before dawn (he did not have a watch to know the time).

Sitting on a rock, he waited for the sun to rise to start his day fishing. Moving his feet around, to get comfortable, he felt something at his feet. Still in darkness, it felt as though it was a bag with some heavy stones inside. To while away his time, he started to throw those stones one by one, deep into the river and listened to the sound of water while it bounced. Just as there was one stone left, the rising sun spread its light on the place and it amazed him to see that last stone was in actual fact a very precious gem.

He did not realize the value of the gift God gave him until it was almost too late. Unfortunately for him he was not able to see those stones in the darkness. Would he have thrown them had he know the value of those precious stones? He was able to realize the value of his lost fortune only when the sun shone on the last stone bringing out its brilliance.

Similarly, life is a gift given to us by God. We live our lives in the darkness of ignorance, and never care to open the gifts that are given to us. Some people open their gifts when it is almost too late. It is then they see the light of wisdom, and realize the love of God, and the purpose of life.

We should always endeavor to open the gifts bestowed on us by God as early as possible in life. We can learn to enjoy life to the fullest afterwards.

Life is to enjoy, savor it

Not for getting tired

Life is a gift

If you could realize it and enjoy it.



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