How to Use Article Submission to Promote Clickbank products.

Did you know that if you can submit enough articles you can make a great income with clickbank for next to nothing in advertising costs?

Article Submission is great for this because.

You get an entire page to describe the products instead of 2 lines on Google Ads.

They are free to submit.

People do read articles, regardless of what you think. They are a huge source of traffic for many webmasters. If you get an article that gets published on a high traffic BLOG you are looking at tons of click throughs.

You can use an article and build a lot of trust. The client is presold before even visting the website sales page.

If you have a website you can use this for SEO at the same time you build clickbank dollars.

If you want to be a serious affiliate then you need a good strategy. I will share mine. I write an article about a new affiliate program every day. Then I submit it with a service to over 7000 directories.

This is an excellent way to ride the storm of up and down markets. Something is always selling, if you have an article on several different products you can make a lot of money quick.Thomas is an author and SEO expert. He teaches effective article marketing strategies with unique content articles. Now you can use this automatic article distribution service to post your articles.

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