Learn The Do’s and DOnt’s of Clickbank Marketing For Both Affiliates and Vendors

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The clickbank affiliate marketing network is well known by every serious Internet marketer. They use it to sell their products or promote other people’s ebooks.

Let’s review a few of the pros and cons of clickbank.

First, the good:

1. Easy to get started

What I like with this affiliate marketing

network is that it’s extremely easy to get your affiliate link and tracking ID.

I’m not a beginner, but I’m still struggling to navigate in the commission junction website.

2. Integrity

They pay on time. I must say that it is one of the main reason I chose them in the first place. I’ve already been scammed and I can tell you that there is no point to promote a product if you know that you will not get paid.

Now, let’s see what you may not like

1. Guarantee issue

This is a big problem. They don’t seem to have a serious refund policy. In fact, their policy is to the customer’s advantage and both affiliates and vendors are losing.

The guarantee is 56 days, but it doesn’t matter if someone ordered the product one year ago, they will give a refund to the customer without even asking any questions.

2. Competition for affiliates

This may be a problem for newbies. There are a lot of competitors for the most popular products. Unfortunately, those products are the one who make more money because of the advanced marketing knowledge and expertise.

Newbies can’t compete on AdWords because super affiliates

are already established there and it would be a marketing suicide to try.

The conclusion is that clickbank is a good affiliate network, and you can earn a lot of money if you take the time to learn how this whole affiliate business works.

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