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The Internet was swept off its feet like a hurricane in the days of yore, exactly in the year 1983 by the excellent affiliate program by and I can remember it vividly. Ever since the success that followed, the ways of online business (especially affiliate marketing) has changed.

Due to many flaws that are being paraded as industry standards by most affiliate networks most affiliate marketers are really struggling and the face of affiliate online has drastically changed. To find out why this is and find some solutions read this article.

An affiliate program simply entails that you promote the products and services of other companies to earn pre-determined $$$ commissions from each sale. When you sign up for an affiliate program it is your job to leverage the success the original owners have put into developing the products. Therefore, affiliate marketers don’t have to worry about order fulfillment, inventory, supplies etc.

Since amazon launched there has been drastic changes. Dozens of large and medium affiliate network companies today are parading thousands of products which are sold by registered affiliates.

There is Clickbank, Commission Junction, Paydotcome and other to give a few examples. Programs can either be easy to join like Clickbank or as difficult as presenting the skeleton of your forefathers.

There are some great flaws in and around these affiliate networks that many affiliate don’t know about. I have found the reason for this to be shallow mindset. Ignorantly many affiliate feel that online affiliate business won’t survive without these networks because they are ‘alpha’ and ‘omega’. Despite their glaring short-comings this is why many stick with these affiliate networks.

Honestly, this is the biggest mistake I see on the entire internet marketing world today! Now, I remember some people call this trend herd mentality… you know every sheep in the herd follows the same direction as others! And I also discovered that the FLAWS of these affiliate networks are basically ENHANCED by this same wrong mindset affiliate marketers are exhibiting.

Now, let me state few flaws of these affiliate networks for you:

No training resources to grow. They are bare and ordinary. When you join, whether you succeed or fail does not matter to them. Have you wondered why over 92% affiliates on these networks DO NOT make it – but end up in frustration?

Look, every affiliate marketers (both newbie and experienced) need some sort of idea-boosting to move forward. But these networks do not have programs to support their affiliates with vital resources.

And this flaw is basically responsible why the entire internet landscape is now dotted with so-called experts on clickbank, CJ and so on. Everyday, they’re struggling to out-do one another to show you the latest ‘magical secrets’ to make it on those networks. And this has further fueled the generally-held deceptive belief that there are some ‘top secrets’ you need to uncover to succeed selling the products of these affiliate networks.

At the end of the day, you get deceived, purchased many books, software with little (or nothing) to show for it.

No brainstorming forum. What is a network of affiliates without an “insider and exclusive forum” where affiliates can openly discuss and exchange high-powered money making ideas? The forum should also be a place to agree or disagree with the network management, thereby creating a sweet atmosphere where affiliates and network management work in sync for the growth of all.

But in these networks there is none. So you are left at the mercy of free online forums where guys are more (or only) interested in their own survival.

Rigid administration. These networks have a tradition of operating as your godfathers. They indirectly act as your favor-givers – like being in an exalted position to lifting affiliates from the binge of poverty and helping them to find their daily bread online. Some will not even reply your mail for days or never. In some cases, when the reply comes early, it is always terse and not helpful.

Basically, they put up a front that their affiliates do not matter. For example, I’ve heard of situation when affiliate accounts get closed down for making simple mistakes. Some will even investigate an affiliate on mere suspicion. Of course, they can always carry out such impunities because they know affiliates will only complain and still remain glue to them like skin to the body. Remember the herd mentality again…?

You can be cheated. All the networks have some merchants with shady intention. Though this flaw is not deliberate, as some such as clickbank will move against any merchant found with shady character or selling dud product, yet the negative results on the affiliates may be huge sometimes.

For example, if you promote a bad product with over-hyped sales letter, sooner than later, it will attract large refund. Do you know what this means to you? For every refund, you automatically lose your commission irrespective of whatever resources, budget, time and effort you may have expended to get the sales.

Poor support or slow support. How would you feel if you are a member of an affiliate network where support is fast, in-depth, friendly, one-on-one, valuable and filled with solid ideas to help you grow? Honestly, I do not know what your answer will be, but this factor alone discouraged me from putting my future in the hands of these networks.

Thankfully, I later found a terrific affiliate program group, with excellent, high-in-demand products with top-notch supports you cannot find elsewhere on the entire Internet!

There is no rapport. You are far from both fellow affiliates and network management. You do not have friendly contact with other affiliates. And when you ‘meet’ on forums you tend to hide a lot of ideas from each other – after all you’re competitors!

I believe the word “NETWORK” is better appreciated if the people on board fill close to each other like one family. But with these affiliate networks each and every affiliate is an alien to the other. And to make matter worse, there is not single rapport between the affiliates and the managers or owners of the affiliate networks.

Little, poor affiliate commission. At the risk of calling me a greedy fellow, let me say that I hate those little 5%, 10% or $20 commissions? Even some high 60% commissions are miserable in term of dollar payment. I hate to work hard only to earn paltry $20, $30 commission.

Here is a secret I find out and please put on your thinking cap now. The same marketing effort you put forth to promote a product that earns you $20 or $30 per sale will also pump in $160 or more to your pocket if you promote another product.

And this is the exact WAY that I am currently earning my commission as an affiliate online. In fact, I will not forget my FIRST affiliate commission that brought in a ‘double’ commission instead of one. This happened because someone visited the website I promoted, but on leaving the website was shown another product website and he bought that product.

I didn’t promote that product, but I still earned an extra $26 on top. Buying several domains, setting up website, bang down the forums, write articles and everything they can imagine is what most affiliates will do to promote on these popular affiliate networks for the same sort of money.

Let me advise you that in order to discover the absolutely best affiliate

networks out there you should open your mind. No one wants to ply their trade with an affiliate network that has shortcomings like the ones listed above. There is no need to promote a product with little affiliate sales when you can earn between triple or multiple commissions with the same effort.

Why choose to promote products that offer a one time sale rather than something high-in-demand that can EARN you a “revolving and continuous commissions.” Especially when you can make money from a single marketing effort. Not such solving the above problems, but also surpassing all other affiliate programs is the Making You Richer affiliate program.

They offer well-packed, high-in-demand products along with top-quality training, resources, guides, support manager, one-on-one ideas, free brainstorming with super affiliates and so on. Read this affiliate program reviews for more ideas.

It is even possible for new comers to succeed in affiliate marketing if they are ready to follow instructions. Why would you want to make only $20 or $30 when you could easily get $175 or more with the same effort? I believe with a network marketing affiliate program like you cannot fail.

Do you want to take advantage of an amazing internet marketing training and network marketing affiliate program? Here is an undiluted affiliate program reviews: www.WebMasterAffiliateProgram.BIZ/top-three-training-for-affiliates.html And take advantage of free ideas and strategies: www.WebMasterAffiliateProgram.BIZ/


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