How to download clickbank ebooks ethically using google.

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Using this simple technique I’ve hacked many clickbank ebooks but among them the hottest are Blogging to the bank -price $49 -by Rob Benwell and Google Cash -price $67- by Chris Carpenter and ‘Tag and Ping’ by Sean Wu with a price $147 and the book from the rich jerk and come to the point.

You can hack only ebooks using this technique.The logic is simple -all ebooks are written in PDF format.

So , go to Google at first and search for the name of the ebook appending .pdf in it.For example if you want to read the ebook Bloggingtothebank you have to search for ‘bloggingtothebank.pdf’.Thats it!

Try these ways:

* With hyphen between words eg blogging-to-the-bank.pdf

* Without hyphen between words eg bloggingtothebank.pdf

* With the name of the website eg .com with .pdf -TagandPing.pdf

Sometime Google doesn’t work then try Yahoo or MSN search.There are hundreds of ebooks you can read this way.

But this is a very poor technique and often useless for higher product security ; there are more lethal techniques like –

1. First technique: File extension attack.

2. Second technique-Directory index attack.

3. Third technique-Site directory attack.

4. Fourth technique- Thank you page and other extension attack.

5. Fifth technique-Bit torrent attack.

You can learn these technique from the website

Is It Legal? Blame it on Google ! We have full right to search anyword , anything , anyway on search engines and use the results for our favours.

If you are taking it seriousely please visit


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