Women’s secret

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Formulated from Lobata which can increased and improved estrogen hormone level that functions to actify collagens under skin. firming the breast,buttocks and produced attractive body figure. Q-She.

Extracted biomarin and fruits for youthful looking skin and as anti ageing. Consume continously makes your skin more radiant, improves skin elasticity, textures, softness and moisture. Repairs hand and leg skin repture. Reduces black patch under the eyes, Diminishes pimple problems. reduce blemishes. Control over body shapes and minimize open pores.Reduce fat layers, repairs fragile finger nail, repairs crack lips and help heals facial skin due effect of hash chemical in cosmetic.  Advantages offers detoxification function, improve digestive system, reduce insomnia,heals gastric and ulcer,reduce frequent abortions, eliminate pains in joints and bones , heals haemorrhoids, improve overall blood flow, internal and external wounds heals faster, controls and slow down the aging process, helps to control blood cholesterol,restore menstrual disorder,improve and restore urination, strenghten hairs and developing immune system…..Nu Age.

A Functional drink for good health and beauty formulated with luxurious ingredients as natural honey, ‘manjakani’, betel leaves,lemon grass, serapat root ‘Golden needles’ Patema rich in proteins, fibres, carbohidrates and vitamins A,B,C,D and E.Effective in developing facial charm and becoming a catalyst in achieving husband-wife sexual pleasures.Benefits including helps overcoming white discharge, helps overcoming pre-menstrual syndrome, building the womb, contracting and narrowing vagina, strengtening the gripping system, positive impact to sexual intercourse, reducing body heat,firming the breast, helping improving the IQ, Supplying instant energy, helping in treating ulcers and post operation wounds, helps overcoming pre menstrual syndrome and etc. Bidadari.

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