Were the Mhada Lucky Draw results rigged?

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Mhada Lucky Draw Results – Was it a mere coincidence?

In a shocking revelation which could cloud the results of the Mhada housing lottery scheme, a close scrutiny of the results shows that the winning numbers are not that random and seem to follow a certain pattern. The bewildering example is of an actor Raj Zutshi who has won three flats each with lottery numbers which were in serial order (viz. 521507, 521508 & 521509). What is equally baffling is that all the three flats are in the most sought-after location of Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri.

In another case, Mr. Harkishan Mirchumal Motwani, a Cumballa Hill resident won in a similar manner, that of three flats in the plush Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri, the only difference being that the numbers were in a seperated by four numbers (viz. 685587, 685591 & 685595).

The Mhada officials were not available for comments on such an improbable situation, but have admitted that there were 55 such cases in these results. Though, the officials say that such an occurrence is within the realm of possibility in a computerized lottery draw, ask any statistician and he would be quick to rubbish it away.

The theory of probability would put the odds of picking up consecutive numbers from a draw of 3863 out of 4.2 lakh applicants to be very very less. It would be something in the range of 1 in a billion and here we are talking not even about a million. Similar, would be the case for getting numbers in a sequence separated by four, as in the case of Motwani. The event of 55 such cases happening in the draw is sure to raise questions as the situation seems very fishy.

The odds are stacked up against Mhada on this one as people are asking various questions on the authenticity of the machines and if they really were drawing random numbers from amongst the 4.2 lakh numbers. It’s obvious for the people to feel cheated when they have not even won a single flat when people like Zutshi and Motwani having won 3 and that too on consecutive numbers.


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