Is Warhammer Online The Destined WoW-Killer?

A lot of games have been overvalued as WoW-killers.

WoW, definitely, refers to the World of Warcraft, the planet’s best-selling and most victorious MMORPG, showing of more than 12 million operating customers to date.

For many gaming companies, to publish an MMORPG that will get to enjoy even a meager tenth of the success of WoW would mean a revered cash cow for their enterprises. To beat the World of Warcraft – or to be a WoW-killer as many people say – would mean billions of dollars in profits per year.

A lot of games have attempted to “execute” WoW.

All of them have failed.

On September of 2008, an MMORPG was issued that, though it may not “kill” the World of Warcraft, can very well compete with it toe to toe.

I’m telling about Warhammer Online: The Age of Reckoning.

Much like how the World of Warcraft has been warmly abridged as WoW, Warhammer Online has been tagged as WAR, or as WAAAGH by its famous manufacturers.

Whereas WoW is centered on PvE, or player vs. environment, content, Warhammer Online gloats in offering a PvP, or player vs. player, experience for its patrons. One of Warhammer Online’s distinguishing features is Realm vs. Realm (RvR) battle where players of contradicting factions are set in rival against each other in instanced or world situations. This RvR scheme chiefly culminates in sieges on the rival group’s main city. Once a group’s city is seized, its players will have to make do for refugee encampments for a specified span of time, much to the enjoyment of the winning side.

But RvR is only similar to battlegrounds and PvP servers over at WoW, you might say.

Right, such a case can be made, but Warhammer Online places much stress on PvP material. Every time you slay a participant from an opposing group, you acquire points. Every time you succeed an instanced RvR situation, you obtain points. Every time you complete a goal in a world RvR scenario, you get points.

In truth, it is probable to arrive to the maximum rank of 40 in Warhammer Online without needing to complete and turn over a PvE quest!

Truly, arguments can be made that Warhammer Online and WoW are similar to each other. Their prototypes are similar. Their animation techniques imitates one another. And the manner their gaming systems are put out are parallel to each other.

However, for players who want to slay characters cleverly controlled by other players, then Warhammer Online may prove to be a better selection.

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