Last Minute Travel Deals

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If you are looking for a great deal on a family vacation this summer then waiting until the last minute may be the best way to go.  You have probably always heard to “book in advance.”  But this is not always the best way to grab a great deal.  Many places such as hotels, car rentals, airlines and cruises have cancellations at the last minute and need to fill their rooms, cabins, airline seats and want to get their cars moving.  An empty car, room or cabin equals no money for the business.  Rather than leaving these things empty, they sell them to companies such as Travelocity, hotwire, ECT.  These companies then turn around and sell them to the public for a much reduced price. 

  The important thing to remember when booking these trips through a discount company is that they usually require you to pay upfront and you do not receive a refund if you have to cancel your travel plans.  On the up side, you can find really good deals for very cheap prices. 

 If you are planning on traveling out of the country, make sure that you have your passports.  If you don’t already have a passport, you may not be able to plan a last minute vacation, as it can take several weeks to get your passport.

Do a search on vacation spots that interest you and your family.  Research the area and read reviews.  Make sure that your last minute travel destination is going to be worth the while before you book it. 

Last minute traveling can be fun and very rewarding and cheap.  The best way to get the cheapest deals is to make plans to leave within a few days.  Book your rooms or flights as quickly as possible. 

Last Minute Hotel Deals

Last minute hotel deals can save you up to 70% on your stay.  You can usually find the best deals if you book your room about two weeks in advance.  You can use a company like to find a room or you can do it yourself by calling hotels in cities you are interested in visiting.  Simply ask if they have had any last minute cancellations.  The hotel’s goal is filling the rooms; an empty room loses money.

You can find four and five star hotels for the price of one and two star prices if you choose a last minute deal. 

You can find many deals on other sites like  Like website, you must be a registered member to use the site.  Registration is also free with this site.  This site offers “Price Assurance.”  If another Orbitz customer books the same hotel for less, they will send you a cash refund automatically.   

If you are planning a trip to New York, visit and check out the deals they have for the big apple.  You can stay at the five star Hotel Millenium for half the regular price! 

Last Minute Tickets

   For those traveling who need to purchase last minute tickets, just as you can find last minute deals on hotels and traveling, you can also find great deals on last minute tickets.  No matter what you may need tickets for, whether it is for traveling across country by train or just a simple movie ticket, you can find great deals.

There are many websites as mentioned above that deliver last minute deals.  You can also try using  This site is similar to the others and helps consumers find really cheap, great deals at the last minute.

Travelers can find last minute tickets for travel for a ski trip to the Alps to a beach front resort in the Bahamas.  Once again, make sure you read the fine print before making that last minute purchase.  If you are traveling out of the country, does everyone have passports?  If you have to cancel, do you get a refund?  In most cases refunds are not given for last minute deals, simply because the seats need to be filled quickly. 

There are other resources for last minute tickets besides using a website designed especially for last minute travelers.  Craigs list has great deals on last minute travel.  Sellers on this site are independent and usually just need to get rid of their tickets.  It is best to make sure before you purchase someone else’s ticket that it is transferable.  Airlines do not allow transferable tickets, the tickets will have the name of the traveler, and if it does not exactly match your name, you will not be able to board your flight.

You can find many other last minute ticket deals other than traveling.  Concert tickets are great last minute deals.  Make sure you purchase these online or through a vender.  Scalpers are usually selling stolen or counterfeit tickets.

Last Minute Cruises

For the travelers who love the ocean, what better way to experience this than a cruise?  Taking a cruise is like having several vacations rolled all into one.  The cruise is all inclusive and paid before you board.  Travelers can choose between different ports of call and choose which dining room they will eat in during the cruise.  You don’t have to choose just one, many travelers choose several different dining rooms, which are all different and give you choices on cuisine. 

You can find last minute deals through many of the same websites that were mentioned above.  You can also contact your local travel agent and they may be able to assist you on finding last minute cruise deals.  The important thing is to take your time and read the fine print.  Find out exactly what is paid for and what is not.  Sometimes the tips are not included in the price. 

Take your time when selecting a last minute cruise.  If you have never been on a cruise before, maybe choose a shorter cruise; three days instead of seven. 

Some cruises may require a passport.  As mentioned before, make sure you already have a passport before booking a last minute cruise.  

If you are taking your entire family, check the cruise line and make sure they are kid friendly.  Some cruises cater to certain groups; it is always a good idea to make sure everyone will enjoy the last minute cruise.

If you have an infant traveling with you, many cruise lines charge the same price for babies as they do for adults, so double check to see if you are getting the best deal for your family.

You can find great deals on last minute cruises.  The best deals are usually found within a month of departing. 

Last Minute Vacations

Last minute vacations can be wonderful and bring your family a life time of memories.  Whether you plan on driving or flying, you can find some awesome deals at the last minute. is a great place to find many great deals at the last minute, just as the other websites offer.  It is best to read each one and find out what is required before you book your last minute deal. 

Many last minute vacations are found just by visiting your local travel agent.  This is by far the easiest way to make your reservations.  They handle everything for you, from the flight to the hotel reservations.  They also have access to last minute deals that many other companies or websites are not aware of.

There are many great places to vacation.  All inclusive resorts such as Sandals are great last minute vacation spots.  They offer everything from fine dining in fancy restaurants to having a burger on the beach.  Everything is paid for up front and all you do is sit back and enjoy. 

There are many great ski resorts that have cancellations at the last minute and they need to fill them.  Try calling some places and asking the receptionist if there were any cancellations and if they can give you a deal.  Many places will give you the deal instead of paying a company to fill the rooms for them.  It is cheaper for them and for the traveler.

You can find last minute vacation deals for just about anywhere you choose to travel.  Amusements parks usually have great packages.  Some hotels will offer two or three day passes to an amusement park for staying with them.  Again, try calling yourself and speaking with someone who books the rooms.  There are always cancellations at the last minute and they want those rooms filled.

Last Minute Booking

Many families know they want to take a vacation, but don’t really know exactly where they want to go.  Again, waiting until the last minute to book your vacation can save you big bucks.  That airline would rather fly with a full plane than with several seats empty. 

There are several sites that help you find that last minute deal. finds cheap deals that need to be filled quickly.  The price includes all taxes and fees.

Another website that is great it use is  They are much like the others and find great deals for last minute bookings and travelers. 

If you know about where you want to travel, try calling the airlines, hotels and resorts yourself.  They may rather sell to you than sell to companies.  This way they can make more money rather than pay for a company or website to fill the bookings for them.

If you are open to traveling and booking anytime, then a great way to book is with airfare watchdog.  You simply fill in which airport you want to fly into and which one you are flying out from.  Watchdog shows you the cheapest other halves.  It is a great site and gives travelers many options.

You can fly pretty cheap by using this site, as well as other sites.  How ever you choose to travel or book your flights, take your time and read the fine print. 

The more “last minute” you book, the cheaper your price will be.  You may be able to find discounts up to 80% just by booking your vacation within a few days or even hours before you plan to leave.

Sidestep is a site similar to Orbitz and offer great deals.  They have a section that is their “Deal Section” and offer some of the greatest deals you can find.  They are worth checking out.


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