Best Online Sites, Where You Can Earn Money.

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  •  Here you are able to make great money writing articles, as answers to questions that people may have been asking. Initially, you have to  go through 3 weeks of training. When the training is over,  they will decide if you are eligible for their site or not. You will not be  paid for the training. Th payments earned from this site are about $700 for the first 2 years and $500 after that. You can make upto $2,000 a month working for
  • It is a new article web site. It is more or less similar to It  deduct  20% of your earnings compared to constant content’s 35%.. This web site  give away the full rights to articles or writing material that you have created. It means  you can resell your writing once it is sold, because you have no copyright over it anymore.
  • You get paid to  write reviews. You can review anything that you feel like reviewing. They have three rates.  It’s usually $1.50 per review, but it may vary depending on how well your review is. The minimum payout   is $50.
  • This site pays people $3 per 300 word blog/post for beginners and $4 per post after you complete 90 day probationary period.  It’s a  great way to make money.  You can write on any topic. Articles on any Topics can be published  at this web site.
  • This web site only use  blogs for income. Just make a blog  place it to this web site. The blog could be worth in between $20 and $200 per post.
  • Suite101 is a professional writing web site for the experienced writers. Mistakes are not tolerated here, so for those who aren’t good at writing shouldn’t come to this web site. You are required to offer a sample article as a little taste of what you can do for them.
  • This is a site based on knowledge. If you know a lot about a particular subject, then you should come here to try and earn some money. They allow you to request topics to write about, so if you do not want to write about something that this web site may offer, you can request a topic that’s more suitable for you. They also allow you to win journalism rewards, making you more recognizable in the writing community. They offer writing competitions that offer cash prizes ranging from $10 to $120. It’s a great way for someone to earn a good amount of money.
  • The name itself  suggests, you are a ghostwriter who is waiting for someone to purchase your writing skill.  This web site is surrounded by Google Adsense ads, it’s a  good way to earn money online.
  • Wordfirm. Com- This web sites that have been around for years. This web site is always on the lookout  for experienced writers, copyeditors, and graphic designers. The writing for  this site is very strict and could meant for those who haven’t mastered the art of writing.
  •  There are different types of writers (they call us hubbers). There are regular writers, and flagship writers. A regular writer  earn money based on page impressions and affiliate programs. Flagship writers get paid in between $25 and $40 per article (hub) they publish. They also get to use affiliate programs like any other writer on the site. There are four different available affiliate programs that work with Hubpages, Amazon, Ebay, Kontera, and Google Adsense, through which you can make money.  The article writing is very creative and you  are allowed to place images, news, rss feeds, and videos into your article.
  • Here you can  write articles and earn money based on page impressions. You will not get payment for every article you publish. If you get more impression, you will make more money.
  • xomba is a site where you can earn money to write. It’s a free community, like a forum site mixed with a chat site. You  can make friends, write,  share ideas, make comments  and get paid.
  • It  allow you to post images, videos, and write articles  and earn money from page impressions. It is similar to hubpages.

Answering Questions– Here  people are being paid online just for answering questions. Here people are willing to pay  you money to get the information that they want. Whether you believe it or not, there are some web sites online that allow you to give out your knowledge for profit. even allow you to bid on how much money your knowledge is worth. This is a great way to earn money online. Here  people ask questions and pay a certain amount of money to the lucky person who has been chosen to answer that question. Many people are attracted towards this  web site because it’s very useful and a good way to make money online. Bids usually starts  from $1 to $100, but some  bids exceed $100, depending on the severity of the question. The public needs proper answers and you need money for answers. Isn’t it a great  way of earning money.

  • This sites allows you to earn money answering questions. You could  generate a great deal of income for those hard working, intelligent people who sign up for this web site.
  • This site  allows you to become an online guide. An online guide is someone who answers questions from the computer or through the phone. It’s a great  opportunity to generate some extra income
  •  This website is a place for those with high tech questions and those who can answer this  high tech  questions. The web site is  good for those who have  knowledge of technology.
  • This web site is  a latest site. Live experts online help people to answer their questions.  You have to be available  24 hours to receive a requested question or you will miss it.  You have to install a special software for the computer, which is given b y them,  to receive requests when you are asked a question by a customer.
  • This is a  new web site that allows people to answer questions and receive payments. Sometimes you have to answer some stupid questions. It is easy  to earn money using this site.

Affiliate Marketing Programs- This is one  of the most profitable ways to make money online for anyone. Just join it for free, go to the market place, you will fine many product company want to sell and it  is ready to give you commission for that. Just place ads of those products, if someone clicks it, and sale is made, you get commission· Let me give you name of some sites, where you can join and make money,,,, liquid,,,,,


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