Ever deal with a gump?

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A gump is pretty much a guy who hits on girls used car salesman style.

I define a GUMP as a guy who is starved for attention, has no respect for himself and generally has no etiquette. He usually seems to think women will have no natural desire for him, so he hounds them to make up for his insecurites. A gump can literally be told to go away and with no pride lost he’ll still come back. Gumps never play fair or cool. If he sees another guy talking to a girl he won’t give the guy space with the knowledge that the guy was talking to her first. He’ll even try to shake hands with the guy, forcing the guy to play friendly as to not look bad in front of the girl.  He may even attempt to point out the other guy’s flaws to make himself appear better.   A gump is also a guy who kisses a girl’s behind and has no opinion of his own. A gump is usually a man but I hear there is a female version of one as well.

Oh yes, and a gump is also a guy who always complments a girl, so she’ll like him. He usually over does it though. He can never sit back and just let things happen naturally. His only game is pure desperation.

A gump is usually the first man on the scene and the last one to leave unless you scream at him to go away about 10 times.  All gumps do is mess it up for everyone.

Has anyone had experience with any of these critters?


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