Follow This Tips and Breaking Up Won’t Even Cross Your Minds

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untitled-2.jpgNobody wants to break up a relationship. Some couple even does such great lengths just to make sure that no party will break up a relationship. In reality, people just want to love and be loved in return. And the thing that scares them the most is the possibility that they can do a thing or two that will eventually break up a relationship.
The following are things that every couple should remember about breaking ups and relationships.

1.    Love is not enough in a relationship. Love may take the biggest share in the chart but it definitely does not own the chart. To avoid break ups there must be a mutual respect, trust, humor and patience. Relationships are not always bright and shiny. There are moments when feelings get dark and twisty. And during these times will you know the kind of relationship you and your partner have.

2.    Appreciate your partner. Patronizing your partner is different from complimenting him/her.  To patronize is to condescend. To compliment is to observe. If your partner looks great with his/her clothes then say so. It will make his/her day. These special moments form an intricate but beautiful bond around you that strengthens your relationship.

3.    Have your own identity. You don’t need to be just the other half of your partner. You should be you AND the other half of your partner. If you know that you own yourself then you can give more of yourself freely to the person that you love and adore.


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