Breakup Girl: The Other Face of the Coin

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untitled3.jpgA relationship consists of two individuals that come together to share a special commitment with each other. A man and a woman who fall in love commit to a relationship in which they promise to love and care for each other for so long as they do. However, some relationships do not last no matter how much love and effort are invested in them. They end because one party refuses to continue loving the other or one deserts the other person.

One major reason for breakups is the unfaithfulness of one person to the other. Most of the time, men are the ones who engage in illicit affairs with other women. A man is less sensitive of his girlfriend’s feelings and normally would risk their relationship by entering another with a different woman.

If you are one of the women who have been deceived by their men, you better take a stand, breakup girl; give your man what he deserves. Go ahead and tell your man that he deserves anything less than your love for him. Once you break it off with him, reclaim your pride and continue living with your life. Prove to the world that your ex-partner shouldn’t have cheated on you and that no man should ever cheat on you again. Strive for self-esteem improvement and position yourself as someone who should never be stepped upon and deserted on by just any man and you’ll never have to be the breakup girl once again.


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