Breakup advice: Lose the Person, Not the Love

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untitled2.jpgIf you have just had your relationship with your partner and you think that the world has dawned upon you, you better think again. The world doesn’t stop revolving when the person you love leaves. Remember that in breakups, you lose just your grip of the person, not your grip of love.

It is funny how some people who have had their hearts broken lose their faith in the wonders of love and love itself for that matter. If you are one of these people and you think that it is love that wronged and failed you, you have to have second thoughts about this. You should take from this breakup advice that it is not love that fell short on you, but the person who once possessed that love. If you lose your grip on love, you will find it hard to love another person again, or even yourself. So if you have just been out of the relationship and you are starting to hate love, reclaim your position and hate, if necessary, only the person who failed and deserted you.

Love will come to you again in its own time, and you have to embrace it when it is yours. If you lose your faith in love, you will never be able to give it another chance. If love never had a chance, you may not be able to find the person who will love you until his or her last breath.

Remember this breakup advice: lose the person, not the love.


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