Bouncing up after a break up

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untitled1-1.jpgSo we’ve heard stories of people bouncing off from broken relationships like diamonds forged in fire. And we could always wonder, what’d they’d do? Here are some after break up coping mechanisms that could give you some inspiration for this trying moment:

After break up model 1: The Avenger
Not to a point that she went to her ex and destroyed him – the revenge came from her desire to retrieve the time she could have spent improving herself while she was in the broken relationship. When she broke up with her boyfriend, she went back doing all the hobbies, attending all the seminars and short courses she could possibly take. After a while, she was fresh and lively again. Too bad the ex-boyfriend couldn’t have her anymore. But this case works on a context of regret.

After break-up model 2: The Shape Shifter
Nope, he did not exercise until he got abs. But what he did is to change his priorities. He took the comments of his ex on how disorganized his life was and became proactive. He bought a watch, an organizer, and engaged himself in activities that pretty much surprised his ex. In this case, the guy took the relationship as a source of insights and took the experience with him as he moved on.

After break-up model 3: The Networker
This girl felt like she placed her ex in the center of her life and all her decisions when they were still together. So when they broke up, she got in touch with all her friends, attended more social events, and met even more people. Soon after, she was able to start a small business because of her networks, which occupied her time in a productive way. She’s the example of finding an opportunity in times of crises.


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