All Break Ups are Bad Break Ups

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untitled-1.jpgThe category bad break up depends on what kind of relationship you and your ex had. Bad break up can be messy or can be cold. Some says that to determine what level of bad break up you and your ex had is to just to know the opposite of the kind of relationship you had. If you and your ex had a rollercoaster, extremely intense kind of relationship and you ended it in a very distant, frosty and detached manner then it’s a bad break up. If your relationship had always been placid and imperturbable but ended on a big acrimonious fight no-turning-back kind of fight then the break up is bad. Whichever scenario your break up falls, one thing is for sure- bad break ups are messy, difficult and the definite exclamation point to end the relationship.

How will you deal a bad break up? It should be the same way that you deal with any other type of break ups. Reality check dear, a break up is already a bad thing. Categorizing it will just add another level of distress. So you do what you had to do to accept that the relationship is over, that the friendship you and your ex had before will likely be severed as well and that it’s time for you to move on.

Don’t be a masochist. Don’t torture yourself with thinking all the what-if’s that you can ask. Go out, be with friends and enjoy your singlehood as much as you can. Yes, it’s nice to have someone to love and cherish. But it’s also nice to take a break and concentrate on loving yourself.


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