Impact of Information and Communication Technology on the Society.

Since the invention of computer and the improvement on the Information and Communication Technology, they had created a huge effect on the society. Of course there are positive effects as well as negative effects. Here we will discuss the impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the society.

First of all, let’s talk about the positive impact:

With the improvement and development in this ICT, the speed for communication has been increased drastically compared to older times. Now, we can transmit our knowledge almost at instant to anywhere at any time. With this, it is more time saving and more efficient to transmit information with the improvement made in this field.

Besides that, this improvement has reduced the cost for transmitting message. Compared to sending letters, e-mail is cheaper and faster. We can also access a huge amount of information at a very low cost as we can save our money buying books. This is also more reliable and guaranteed effective information sharing in the society as it is also a borderless communication.

On top of that, with the usage of ICT in our daily life, we can create a paperless environment and thus we are supporting nature friendly actions. By using ICT, less tress will be cut and this will help to save our mother earth too.

However, there are also negative impacts of ICT on society:

Firstly, it had created a severe social problem to our society. To those who always play computer and using the instant message such as Window live messenger or yahoo messenger, they tend to choose online communication rather than having a real life conversation. When the problem deteriorates, the user will become an introvert and have the feeling of unusual when he meets outsiders.

On top of that, health problem had also occurred as most of the people will spend hours sitting in front of the computer. Health problems such as eyes strain, stress and back strain.

Besides that, ICT had also created more illegal act such as hacking, fraud, identity theft and Pornography. Therefore, when we are using the such technology with computer.

To know how to protect ourselves, kindly read my next article which will be published soon.

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